We’ve only just begun…

January 24, 2009 at 9:02 PM (Laura's Wedding)

So, I’m getting married in October, 2009 to the most fantastic man in the entire world: Jim (short name, amazing fellow). 🙂 To that end, there is much to be done! Like a lot of couples, we want something special and very “us” for our wedding. This blog will track our progress as we go through the turbulent process of getting married!

Jim & Laura at Alexis' Wedding

Jim & Laura at Alexis' Wedding (Photo by Gray Photography)

It’s true, we’ve only just begun to plan our wedding; we’re not sure what we want quite yet other than that it be a really great day!  Who doesn’t want that though?  All we really have so far, is a hierarchy of importance (i.e. what’s most important to us as a couple: venue, food, music, etc) and a list of the necessary invitees (very important step and a great place to start!).

So, list in hand, we began to search for venues!  Can’t get married without a place to get it done!  There are so many places out there to get married though, and digging through them all can be very hit and miss.  So, to make our job a little bit easier, we started at Ashley’s Bride Guide and  Wedding Wire.  These sites have compiled lists of the best vendors in town for everything from venues to shoes and everything in between that you and your groom are going to need for the big day!  So, much easier than random google searches and prayer! 😉  We found a couple possibles in our searches and the first trip to see them is on Monday!  The whole gang is going to be there: my mother and sister/matron of honor (yes, the store will be closed!), possibly my grandmother, Jim and his mother- hopefully Jim won’t be too overwhelmed by the estrogen!  🙂

I think it’s a really nice touch to let people be involved from the very beginning- mothers and grandmothers often like to know all about the details of your impending marriage, but they get really excited to be in on it from the very beginning!  Of course, you have to remember that it is YOUR day (bride and groom), so at the end of the day, the only ones who really have a say are the two of you (assuming the decision is not about the price and someone else is paying… they get a little say… ;))  You are the ones who have to be happy about how it’s going to go, everything else can be soothed later if necessary!  So, the plan is to be nice and let everyone be included, but in the end, it’s our day. 🙂

Wish me luck!


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  1. Natsuko said,

    Congratulation Guys!

    Laura and Jim, you guys will make a pretty bride and a groom! I had very good impression on you guys, and you will make a good couple forever.


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