A note about hierarchy…

January 27, 2009 at 4:12 PM (Laura's Wedding)

Jim & Laura Dancing at Alexis' Wedding (Image by Gray Photography)

Jim & Laura Dancing at Alexis' Wedding (Image by Gray Photography)

I mentioned in my last post that we had a hierarchy of important items for our wedding.  The idea is to help you as a couple focus on what’s most important to you for your wedding.  Of course you want everything to be the best it can possibly be, but unless your funding is unlimited, you’ll have to make choices about where to spend the bulk of your money.  If you both love food and would be miserable if you didn’t have the most spectacular food in the world!, but you don’t really dance, so music wouldn’t necessarily be as important to you, then you know that you need to spend more money on catering and less on music.

Our hierarchy is as follows:  Music, Venue, Photography & Catering, Flowers, etc.

Jim is very interested in music- one of our favorite activities from the very beginning of our relationship has been going to concerts, so music had to be our most important item.  I have loved to dance my whole life and we have taken ballroom dance lessons together(I know- I’m lucky), so it’s important that we have a good reception space with a dance floor for us to dance the night away on (everyone else can dance too)!  Both of these loves mean that we need to spend the bulk of our budget on the music and the space.  We happen to already know some really great photographers, so we’ve chosen them before we even have a venue or a date!  They did my sister’s wedding (Alexis) and we all just loved working with them to the point that they haven”t gotten rid of us yet!  Check out their website at http://GrayPhotograph.com (they’re in our links as well)- they do an amazing job!

As for the rest, we haven’t gotten there yet… 😉

Wish me luck!


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