A time and place for Elvis

January 29, 2009 at 10:19 PM (Laura's Wedding) (, )

Periodically throughout the planning process, one delights in toying with the idea of just chucking all this planning stuff, hopping a plane, and going searching for the perfect Elvis to marry you! We’ve even toyed with the whole drive-through wedding concept! Just imagine, you make a mixed cd of all your favorite songs, pop it in the cd player in your car, get a tuxedo t-shirt for the groom and a tiara or bride hat for the bride and just drive on through! You could even chapel hop and get married over and over again at different drive through chapels! Make a night of it and go in sometimes too! Then you could wallpaper a room with the resulting multitudes of marriage certificates for a truly spectacular souvenir of the night!

Wedding with Elvis

Wedding with Elvis

Ok, that may be going too far, but it I’ve heard from many couples that the idea of just running away to Vegas always seems to come up (usually suggested by a groom who has just realized how much work getting married entails) at least once, and more often several times… 🙂 So, for all of you who are tempted to experience the classic Elvis wedding in Vegas- this post is for you!! I actually found a website for Cupid’s. They have not one, but two Elvises! but also so much more! Just imagine: no more will you have to face the anger/disappointment of family who feel left out by your choice to elope to Vegas (though I do recommend giving them the option of attending even if you know they won’t be able to make it)- you can now broadcast your wedding live on the internet! It’s true! Your family would need to simply go to their websiteand connect to the link for watching a live wedding within 5 minutes before it’s supposed to start, and Voila! Your friends and family all over the world will be able to see at you get married (with or without Elvis)! As an added bonus, if the time of your wedding is inconvenient for your family, your wedding can be saved to the website so they can view it later! It’s not password protected or anything (yes, I watched a wedding…don’t judge!) so make sure you’re on your best behavior!

How easy it would be… just reservation and a plane ticket. Your invitations could consist simply of the web address and the time your wedding is to start. And then, there’s Elvis. I hear no wedding is complete without a visit from The King. Though personally, I’ve never felt any great need to be married by him-I must admit, it makes for an entertaining story… There is always a time and a place for Elvis weddings and online weddings (thank God for the internet making that one possible) and at a certain point, they all sound like good ideas, but not today…

Wish me luck!


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