Cati’s Invitations – which will she choose?

January 31, 2009 at 7:17 PM (Pour Tu De Moi) (, , , )

Side fold invitation in sweetheart pink

I’ve been looking at papers and sent Cati and her mother some selections I found online.  Cati wrote me to say she likes the kimono fold shown below.  Her mother wrote to say she also likes the side fold style.  Not sure which they’ll decide on. I found some beautiful paper.  One is a handmade marbled rice paper similar to the paper used in the kimono fold invitation I made for Alexis’ wedding but the color is totally different.  It’s in turquoise and rose with gold which will coordinate with the colors Cati has chosen for her attendants.  Another paper I found is called lace paper.  It’s a handmade paper made to look like lace by dropping water on the paper while it is still wet … pretty hard to imagine the process but the end result is amazing and gorgeous.

Alexis’ wedding invitation!

Kimono fold invite in handmarbled paper - Firestorm



  1. Gray Photography - Jody said,

    awwww yay! Love this 🙂 Look at you bloggers go 🙂

    • adornments said,

      Yay!! 🙂 Any feedback/suggestions? 🙂

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