Dolphin Earrings

February 6, 2009 at 9:20 PM (Jewelry) (, , , , )

Natsuko, a friend of ours living in Canada, has made a special request for dolphin earrings- but not just ANY dolphin earrings- they have to be special!  They have to be different!  So, I decided to apply a technique that I learned in Indiana which incorporated dyed epoxy resin into jewelry.  Now, I know it sounds strange- using what is essentially glue in fine jewelry, but it can be very beautiful- catching the light and glowing with exciting colors without adding the weight of enameling (they’re earrings afterall, we don’t want them to be heavy!)

Here’s the drawing that I did to show Natsuko what I was planning (it’s a bit tricky to designe things for people in other countries!).  She approved the design with a modification of colors- she wanted only pinks and a little blue.

Dolphin Earring Design

Dolphin Earring Design

The next step was to cut the dolphin shapes out:

Dolphin Earrings in Progress

Dolphin Earrings in Progress

After they’re cut out- it’s filing and sanding to perfection!

Cut out Dolphin Earrings

Cut out Dolphin Earrings

Then they’ll be ready for the resin and hooks for a fun, yet elegant, twist on a popular theme!  I’ll let you all know how they turn out!  Hopefully, we can get a picture of Natsuko wearing them when they’re done! 🙂


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  1. Natsuko said,

    I am trying to lose weight right now >D Wait for me when I lose my meat! I dont’ know how did you cut that metal to cute Dolphin. They are very pretty.

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