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February 6, 2009 at 8:46 PM (Laura's Wedding) (, )

So, I’ve been reading up on weddings (surprise!) and I’ve come across a lot of really great stories- how we met, how we got engaged, etc. and I thought, considering the fact that I have a great one, that it’s time to share our story!

Once upon a time… (sorry, it’s necessary to begin this way!)

The year was 2008.  The state, Tennessee.  I was visiting Franklin, TN with my mother as we were searching for the perfect location for our store.  On our visit, we stayed with my Aunt Ellen and her family; they kindly introduced us to their next door neighbors- Sandy and Mitch and their two children Allison and Max who are around my age- really fun people all!  Allison and I quickly hit it off- she’s very friendly and up-beat- and the two of them invited me to go out with them to the movies one night along with a friend of theirs…(wait for it…you know it’s coming…): Jim!  We went to see the Reaping (I know, I know… ) and Jim was to meet us there.

Allison & Rhea (cousin)

Allison & Rhea (cousin)

In we went!  We chose our snacks and our seats and Jim walked in just as the previews were ending (I found out later that this was not unintentional as he hates previews!).  Nervous and intrigued (I’d heard several stories about him by this time as he was a favorite of my young cousin as well as a close friend of Allison and Max’s)- I said “Hello” and he…stepped right over me without even noticing me!  I shrugged and figured we’d meet after the movie.  However, I managed to forget my purse when exiting the theater and had to go back for it before introductions were made.  Allison waited, but the guys moved ahead  to their respective cars with the plan of meeting up at TGI Fridays for food and conversation- so again, the meeting was postponed.  We made it to the appointed meeting place and I headed straight to the bathroom (drinks at movie theaters are ridiculously huge!) and so I joined them late at the table- a circumstance which led Jim to believe that I was an uncommonly friendly waitress!

Slow Jim
Slow Jim

His mistake was quickly remedied and we began to chat a little (he was not very talkative as there was a football game on in the bar that kept grabbing his attention)- this was not entirely unfortunate as it gave me plenty of time and opportunity to look at him without him noticing- GORGEOUS eyes!  (They’re green with flecks of gold, blue and red with long lashes that any woman would be proud to have).  So, not an entirely auspicious meeting, but we continued to encounter each other at various social gatherings and continued to dance around each other, being interested but not making a move, for several months.  Finally, after I had been living in Franklin for a few months, Jim managed to get my phone number from my cousin whom he’d been friends with for years and took the plunge!

He took me out for the first time on Friday, August 3, 2007 (yes, I remember the exact date)- we were laughing and joking before we’d even pulled out of the driveway.  It was a lovely night and to his surprise, I called him the next day to thank him.  Common knowledge will tell you that he’s supposed to call and not until a few days later (indeed this was the advice he’d received from his friends on the subject), but I decided that he’d been the one to make the first move and I wanted him to know that I definitely wanted to see him again, so why wait?  We saw each other again on the 5th and every day there after with very few exceptions.  We’ve only been apart a total of 5 days since that first date.  It is one of those peculiar cases of love, not at first sight exactly, but perhaps third or fourth.

And so, we decided to marry.  I proposed to him on March 15, 2008 and made him an engagement ring of his very own. (I had him go on a scavenger hunt without telling him what he was looking for (the ring) and was there waiting to ask him when he found the ring.)

Jim's Ring

Jim's Ring

Not to be out-done, Jim proposed to me February 4, 2009 and presented me with a ring that he commissioned my sister, Alexis, to make

Laura's Engagement Ring

Laura's Engagement Ring

Benny & Joon

Benny & Joon

(he made me dinner with a rose petal and candle path to a room that he had tarped from floor to ceiling for splatter painting (I paint and he has just begun to paint as well- we both love the movie “Benny and Joon” and were preparing to paint alla Joon)- he set up a large canvas in one corner for me and in the opposite corner he had a smaller canvas on an eisel.  Once I had begun to work, Jim painted “Will you marry me?” on the smaller canvas, got down on one knee and waited for me to turn around- it didn’t take long as he was being abnormally quiet- “I get down on one knee to ask you to stand with me for the rest of our lives.” he said.  How perfect is that?)

Wish me luck (not that I need it with a guy like Jim…ahh the corn!)



  1. Rhea Johnson said,

    This is soooooooooooooooooooo incredibly sweet!!!! even though I’ve technically been here for all of it, I never got to actually hear the story. and its just incredible you two are so perfect together 🙂

    I hope to see you both soon!

    • adornments said,

      Thank you for all that you did to help bring us together- You’ve been so supportive the whole time and that has been wonderful! Love you cos’!

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