The Quest Begins

February 9, 2009 at 6:12 PM (Lucinda's Quest)

My quest, in Laura terms, is to find the perfect dress to wear at her wedding.  One would think…..Go shopping!  duh.  Well, been there done that.  It’s not so easy to find a beautiful dress to fit an imperfect body, that looks good, is appropriate, coordinates with the wedding, etc. etc. There are a lot of ugly dresses available these days. And, to top it off I refuse to wear beige.  I look terrible in it and I’m just no good at sitting down and shutting up either.   So instead of complaining my quest begins with improving the body.  Won’t help with the myriad ugly dresses but should do wonders for my self esteem.  Here’s my plan, gonna start paying very careful attention to what I put in my mouth.  No More Grazing!  Also, I will dedicate at least one half hour each day to some form of physical exercise .  Here I am staring with the doable and hoping to form a habit that I can build on.  I’ve been a slacker lately. I started the paying attention to food last week and lost 2 lbs.   Hey it’s a start.  Started the exercise portion of my program yesterday.  I’m a little sore today but that’s all good.

In order to find the perfect dress I need to look at what went well and where I missed the mark in my last quest.  I had only a few requirements and yet I spent a lot of time searching for the right dress.

My requirements for the dress were:

Must coordinate with the wedding party (They wore red silk kimonos with black obi belts)

Must fit and look nice

Must be able to dance in it

As a guideline of what I want to improve I’m going to reveal the mistakes of my mother of the bride dress for Alexis’ wedding.

Lucinda at Alexis' Wedding

Lucinda at Alexis' Wedding

Mistake # 1  – Peau de soix – another french word ….can’t translate it but it’s what a lot of bride’s maid and mother of bride or groom dresses are made of these days.  It’s a lovely fabric but it’s shiny.   Apparently shiny fabrics show all of our figure’s imperfections as soon as we move.  Who knew?  Tim Gunn and the ‘What Not to Wear’ people but I was uninformed until I saw the pics.  Oh my!

Mistake #2 – Neckline.  This one I knew but couldn’t find a better neckline so I settled.  Note to self … don’t settle!

Mistake #3 – It looks perfectly nice when standing still in front of a mirror.  Not so when moving.  Who wants to be a statue at their daughter’s wedding?  Do remember the sit down and shut up thing I said earlier.

In assessing my performance I can honestly say I acheived coordinating with the wedding party, fit and moveabilty for dancing. and failed in the looking nice department.  All in all, only three mistakes that I know about.  You people can probably point out another 10 or so….feel free.  I received a lot of compliments on how beatiful I looked.  It was a happy day and I had a lot of fun.  That part I got totally right.

The quest continues.



  1. Natsuko said,

    To join gym is one of the ways to lose weight. One reason is to increase metabolism. The more muscle mass you have, the more metabolism you have. Well, there are, of course, lucky people, like Alexis and Laura do not seem to gain weight. One of the health magazine mentioned that in order to do successful diet about 35% contributes from eating smart, and the rest has to be come from increase of activities. Once upon time, I was a teenage model, where I forced to strict diet according to the magic number, (height in cm – 115) x 0.9, they gave to me. Make sure do not eat more than 800cal per day. It is very scary since it was really hard for me to do exercise with the little calories. The method was making my body to store as much foods as possible. It was constant fear that I gained back weight. I knew 5kg will kill me as a model. Without doing any exercises, a lot of girls who worked with had a lot of fat for their body mass. Their bodies were skinny but not lean. Anyway, with a lot of mistakes, I have come to understand how important to have good exercising habit in order to lose weight without gaining back.

    Until not long time ago, a few years back, I used to be very active, thin and a very happy girl. With a lot of reason and stress, I have gained a lot of weight in little time. It was really depressing me. I start to scare to get on my weight machine. All my clothing I had would not able to fit me anymore. When I gave away one of my favorite jeans I had I was really sad. I was scared to go to gym because I was scared to see myself gain weight. Finally, I start going to Gym last December. It was little bit hard for me to go back to gym, where I spent so much time until few years ago. Once, I step into the gym, and I felt already much better. Now I go to Gym almost every day, although, I’ve never stayed at gym more than 45 minutes each session. One of the biggest reason I like going gym is I start to know people who go there. I just got invited to join this girl’s running group held on every Friday. There is a middle aged lady who works out every evening at same gym I go to. She is still beautiful. I believe people who work out regularly are beautiful, not just being fat, but being confidence, happy and less stress.

    Today I see myself, being much happy with myself. Not thin yet, but I feel comfortable because I am working toward to be thin. I am very proud of you to have this quest, because I am very certain you will feel better about yourself.

  2. SDL said,

    I personally think you looked beautiful! The color is lovely, the shiny is festive, and the whole wedding party pulled together perfectly. So I have to apologize for disagreeing with you, but in my opinion it was a great dress.

    • adornments said,

      Well, thank you. i just want to improve for the next festive occasion. Also, I’m thinking there a lot of women my age and condition who are trying to look their best and maybe we can talk.

  3. sgdish said,

    You are definitely too hard on yourself. I’m the mother of the bride for my daughter’s wedding in August, and I’m on a quest to lose weight as well, and like you, I refuse to settle on beige, because I, too, look horrific in it! I started before Christmas, and have lost about 10 pounds, but have about 20 more to go! I was happy to get through Christmas and not gain weight, ha!

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