It’s that time of year again..time for shopping!

February 10, 2009 at 9:00 PM (Adornments News, Jewelry) (, , , , , , , , , )

That’s right! St. Valentine’s Day!!

The day when boyfriends and husbands hit the street in their last minute attempts to find something special and meaningful for their honeys! 🙂 Yay! And all of us ladies wait in anticipation of what this year will bring- and what could be better than jewelry?

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for something UNIQUE, then you’ll have to look beyond the tradtional jewelry stores… They’re busy competing with each other to sell the most “Open Heart Pendants.”

Open Heart Pendant

Open Heart Pendant

 Generally speaking, I try very hard to refrain from negative criticism of other jeweler’s work. I’m all for new ideas! But come on, really? Is this really what ladies are looking for? This pendant was based on the painting of actress, Jane Seymour… wow.. They don’t really even look like hearts- more like a diamond encrusted ‘Z’.  And OPEN hearts? What message is that sending to the one you love?? Enough said.

So, clearly it is my mission to create something a little romantic, a little unique, and, of course, beautiful to give you guys another option! Of course… I only have 4 days left, there’s only so many I can make! Valentine’s is almost upon us. So, in honor of this momentous occassion (at least, we hope it will be momentous! Come on guys, get out and come shopping over here!!), I’ve designed some limited edition heart pendants!

Silver Heart Pendant - in progress!

Silver Heart Pendant - in progress!

Now, this is the first one, and it’s not finished yet! I got so excited about it, I just had to show you! I’ll put a final pic up just as soon as it’s done! I”m planning on setting a faceted red garnet  there at the top. So now, ladies, if you like it, it’s a good time to start dopping some hints. Fellas, the ball’s in your court! 😉

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