Finished Dolphin Earrings & Saturn Pendant

February 11, 2009 at 10:57 PM (Jewelry) (, , , , , )

They’re finished!  The dolphin earrings that I posted about last time turned out really well! 🙂  I hope Natusko likes them (I can still change the colors if you want!).

Finished Dolphin Earrings

Finished Dolphin Earrings

Natsuko also commissioned a Saturn Pendant.  Natusko intends it as a gift for a guy- so it had to not be feminine and, as always, it had to be extra special and unique!  I had a couple of ideas for this, but one was particularly exciting as it has movable parts! (Ooooohhhh fancy!)  I really wanted that movement to give it that little bit of extra something special (it’s a toy as well as jewelry!)- it’s not static and that makes it so much more interesting a piece to wear and to look at.  Not to mention there was the added challenge of figuring out how to make that happen!    This is the drawing:

Saturn Pendant Drawing

Saturn Pendant Drawing

It was a bit more tricky than I thought it would be what with having to make sure everthing could move independently.  Also, the pearl that I used to the center piece is, though beautiful, not a perfect circle!  So, none of the other circles could be perfect either- they all had to be slightly off so that they would look perfect with the pearl and not draw too much attention to its irregularities.  I think it’s a fun piece (I’d wear it!).  Check it out:

Saturn Pendant

Saturn Pendant

The inner wire circle spins around the pearl and the pearl can spin too (though much more slowly).

Saturn Pendant

Saturn Pendant Detail

This piece was so much fun to make- a real departure from my usual style and a lot more challenging as I’d never done a piece with movable parts.  Thanks Natsuko!


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