And the winner is…

February 25, 2009 at 9:41 PM (Laura's Wedding) (, , , , )

It has begun in earnest!  The date has been set, the venue chosen and even the officiant secured!  (Cheers & choirs of angels!)  It was a busy week.  Jim and I took Lucinda and Alexis to see One Eleven and Chappy’s

Chappy's on Church

Chappy's on Church

(heretofore I have not written about Chappy’s- let me catch you up briefly: Chappy’s on Church is a French Creole restaurant in downtown Nashville- Fantastic Food!  (They even do that wrapping your leftovers in aluminum foil shaped like a swan thing- I know, easily amused am I!)  We were looking through the Pink Book and saw, to our surprise, that Chappy’s has a ballroom!  The Napoleon Ballroom has a capacity for 300 people, beautiful imported glass chandeliers, and  fountains with lion heads lining the walls!

The Bride Room (sorry, no pics of the ballroom)

The Bride Room (sorry, no pics of the ballroom)

The best part- the room is free!  That is, they require a minimum amount of $5,000 spent of the food & spirits, but the room is complimentary complete with tables,  chairs and linens!  They will even do the flowers and a custom menu for your event!  They have several packages for the food and spirits, so it’s easy to figure out what you want and they will do anything from a multi-course sit-down meal to a buffet with appetizers served on trays.  It’s really a great deal for a beautiful room that requires very little decoration (mostly just table decorations and maybe a few flowers here and there) and really great food!  The people there are very friendly and helpful (Thanks Suzette, Lucian and, of course, Chappy!)- it’s really a fun place.)

Now, I realize that, after a review like that, you’re expecting my announcement to be that we chose Chappy’s….but we didn’t.  We decided that we wanted to have little more control over the feel of the room- it didn’t quite fit with our vision already and there was very little we could do about it- in the end, we decided that it was not quite the right fit for for us despite its many attractions, but it was a close one (we may just try to get them to cater)!  We have chosen…(drum roll)…One Eleven!  Hurray!

One Eleven

One Eleven

So- we are getting married on October 4, 2009 at One Eleven!  It’s such a relief to have actual progress- not we just have to figure everything else out!  😉

Wish me luck!


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