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April 2, 2009 at 5:43 PM (Laura's Wedding) (, , , )

Knowing from the very beginning in that the music would be one of the key components to our wedding reception, Jim and I looked into all sort of options.  We looked at having a live band that we were already fans of such as The Dan Band or Super T, but not only were they too expensive, they didn’t really fit our overall conception of what we wanted our wedding to be like.  We were picturing Sinatra, a mixture of classic swing tunes to let us show off our dancing and some Motown to get everybody on the dance floor.  We looked into several Sinatra tribute bands, but found nothing that gave us everything we wanted at a price we could afford.  That was when we decided to take a look at Blue Tone Music.

Blue Tone Music

Blue Tone Music

This company offers a wide variety of ensembles and bands with customizable sizes and instrumentation to suit any event.  Their swing band performed at my sister’s wedding and the whole family had a great time so we knew they would be fun.  Also, we were in the lucky position of getting to be repeat customers, a fact that Blue Tone Music really appreciated.  They were able to give us a discount, change the instrumentation, and add a second vocalist to give us a band that was everything we were looking for and different enough from what my sister had that it isn’t just going to be a repeat performance.

Wish me luck!


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