And we’re finally open!!

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Lest you start to think that we’ve abandoned you all or succumbed to laziness due to our recent lack of postage…let me reassure you that we have not forgotten our loyal blog followers!! We’ve merely been trapped under heavy piles of lumber behind buckets of paint.. But we’re finally free again!!! So we invite you to view our journey from upstairs at the Factory at Franklin to our shiny, new location just off the commons area- DOWNSTAIRS (yes, still at the Factory)!! 

So, just in case you for some unknown reason were unable to visit us previously, this is what the shop used to look like..

Our old store upstairs at the Factory at Franklin

Our old store upstairs at the Factory at Franklin

And this is what the new space looked like before its magical transformation into Adornments-land.
The new space!
Of course, this just wouldn’t do!  It all had to go! 🙂
Women at Work!

Women at Work!

Nothing says construction like a girl posing with a ladder in front of a shop covered in brown paper.
Laura painting our cityscape

Laura painting our cityscape

The first thing to go- the black wall!
The painting crew!

The painting crew!

Thankfully our families were willing to chip in to help us out!! Thanks everyone!!!
So, finally, after much painting, constructing, organizing, etc… Voila!
Our new gallery!

Our new gallery!

We are now open for business! Please stop by and visit us at the Factory!




  1. R.L. Gibson said,

    What a great transformation! Best of luck!

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