Introducing Debra Tufford! God’s World Photography

November 19, 2009 at 9:17 PM (Guest Artists) (, , , , , , , )

       For most photographers, taking a beautiful image is the accomplishment of their art.  Debra sees things a little differently and it surely makes her work unique.  Her art is also an inspirational message.  She finds a beautiful spot in nature, takes her shot and then she finds the perfect quotation to hand calligraphy on the matte. Saying that makes it sound easy and anyone who has ever tried to snap a photo knows there is much more to photography than that.  To combine the photography with the perfect inspirational quote and then to hand calligraphy that message on the matte makes her work unique and very special.

'Consider The Lillies'

Her photo with it’s inspirational matte is framed in a georgeous custom made hardwood frame, courtesyof her husband.  These frames are beautifully put together.  Got to love a man with skills!

'Living Water'

Come see more of Debra’s beautiful work in our shop at the Factory at Franklin, TN   


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