Introducing Debra Tufford! God’s World Photography

November 19, 2009 at 9:17 PM (Guest Artists) (, , , , , , , )

       For most photographers, taking a beautiful image is the accomplishment of their art.  Debra sees things a little differently and it surely makes her work unique.  Her art is also an inspirational message.  She finds a beautiful spot in nature, takes her shot and then she finds the perfect quotation to hand calligraphy on the matte. Saying that makes it sound easy and anyone who has ever tried to snap a photo knows there is much more to photography than that.  To combine the photography with the perfect inspirational quote and then to hand calligraphy that message on the matte makes her work unique and very special.

'Consider The Lillies'

Her photo with it’s inspirational matte is framed in a georgeous custom made hardwood frame, courtesyof her husband.  These frames are beautifully put together.  Got to love a man with skills!

'Living Water'

Come see more of Debra’s beautiful work in our shop at the Factory at Franklin, TN   


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New Artist: Craig McDonald!

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Craig McDonald is a self-taught artist, born and raised in Nashville.  He works mainly in steel and stainless steel, often incorporating other materials such as marble, wood, stone, and fabrics into his work.  Much of his art is contemporary or modern in design and ranges along the scope of  functional to purely sculptural.  And without further ado, here’s a sample of his work that’s available at Adornments! Stop by and check them out!!

Melt - steel   29x30x20"

Melt - steel 29x30x20"

This piece is very fun- can be placed on a table or on the floor or can even be mounted on the wall!



Warp - steel 14x9x12- Sorry! Can't have this one! It has already sold! 🙂

Fun from every angle, this sculpture adds a special touch to any room- looks gorgeous by a fireplace!

Offset Table

Offset Table - steel/marble/glass 26x32x48"

Very modern, this table could set the tone for a whole room!  Sturdy and beautiful, this piece is sure to impress.


Zig Zag Wineholder

Zig Zag Wine Holder - steel 24x18x5"

A great gift, this wine holder will give you a place to store your featured wines with properly moistened corks without having to hide them away in a wine cellar!

Made from steel, this wine holder will give you a way to store and display that is sturdy as well as elegant.

Exploded Triangle

Exploded Triangle - steel 14x6.5x8"

Unusual, edgy and fun- this sculpture is perfectly suited to add interest to tight spaces either at home or the office!


Opposition Vase

Opposition Vase - steel 10.5x8x2.5"

Not your average vase, this sleek and modern design can hold some serious flowers or stand on its own!

All these and more are now available at Adornments!  Come get your contemporary and modern furniture, steel sculpture, and home items in time for Christmas!

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Adornments welcomes new artist: Steamy Raimon!

May 7, 2009 at 9:45 PM (Adornments News, Guest Artists)

Steamy Raimon comes to us from Las Vegas and ads a new element to our gallery: Viking-style drinking horns!  Each one-of-a-kind horn is hand-carved and painted with traditional Norse writing and symbols to give it an authentic Viking feel.  Each horn is sealed with wax to make it a functional drinking horn as well as a beautiful work of art!

Steamy Raimon

Steamy Raimon

This piece is made from natural bull horn, imported from Northern Europe, and fitted with a removable leather strap with copper fittings for easy carrying.  This drinking horn is completely functional, having been sealed with beeswax to enable it to carry large quantities of mead, beer and/or wine.  The carvings, featuring The Midgard Serpent crossing itself in a traditional knot fashion and the words “Drink with the Gods” in both English and Elder Futhark Runes (old Norse) are hand carved and highlighted with red oil paint.  The Midgard Serpent in Norse mythology is a huge serpent under the sea that surrounds the entire Earth and is often depicted as a dragon on the bows of Viking ships.  This horn is a fine collector’s item or gift for the lover of Scandinavian heritage and lore (information provided by Steamy Raimon).

Viking-Style Drinking Horn

Viking-Style Drinking Horn

This drinking horn, also one-of-a-kind, is hand-carved and painted on natural ram’s horn.  The carvings depict Elder Futhark (old Norse) runes and symbols of dedication to the Norse gods Odin and Tyr.  A sealing of beeswax makes this horn capable of carrying a significant quantity of liguid (traditionally mead, beer or wine) and is similar to those historically used by Norse shamans for ceremonies and rituals (Information provided by Steamy Raimon).

Shaman Ritual Ram's Horn

Shaman Ritual Ram's Horn

Steamy Raimon accepts commissions for his horns, appropriate for occasions as varied as historical reinactment occasions and marital drinking vessels as well as being excellent collector’s items for Scandinavian history enthusiasts.

Please join us in welcoming Steamy Raimon to Adornments!

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The Artists at Adornments

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New!  We’ve added more artists to the Adornments website- they are all amazing local (and semi-local) artists who create beautiful one-of-a-kind works of art!  We have artists who work in all of the following categories:  Jewelry, Bead-work, Weaving, Painting, Drawing, Pottery, Wood Turning, and we will soon be welcoming a metal sculptor (we’ll let you know when his work arrives)!

About the Artists

About the Artists

Check them out at our website (click here) or come on in to the store and we’ll tell you all about them!

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Announcing a new addition!

February 11, 2009 at 9:08 PM (Guest Artists, Jewelry) (, , , )

We’d like to welcome Charlie Thompson to the Adornments guest artist team!!

Charlie specializes in titanium rings with wood inlays (though he does some plain titanium too). He uses all kinds of woods- local and exotic, and boy are these sweet!! Take a look!

Titanium rings with wood inlay by Charlie Thompson

Titanium rings with wood inlay by Charlie Thompson

We are very excited to have his work in our gallery! His rings are perfect for all occasions- from wedding bands to everyday right hand rings, men and women! He can do custom orders (just pick your wood, style and ring size!) and has an amazingly fast turn around time! These are hand made (obviously, or we wouldn’t carry them..) and available exclusively through Adornments, upstairs at the Factory!
Charlie comes from a long family history of wood workers, and has been doing this for most of his life.  He’s currently working on a new line of titanium rings using Tennessee pearls! We’ll let you know how those turn out.

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