Lucinda’s Quest – Revisited

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I have been remiss in posting about my efforts to find the perfect dress for Laura’s wedding.  The wedding has come and gone, I was present and attired in a lovely gown.  Back to the efforts.  After spending hours in fruitless search at the mall (both Cool Springs and Green Hills) as well as online I was was feeling despondent.  Are there no more pretty dresses for women with less than perfect figures?  Frankly, there’s a lot of ugly out there.  Finally inspiration hit.  I have a friend who is a fashion designer here in Tennessee, Olia Zavozina.  We’ve done trunk shows for her in our shop and supplied our jewelry for her fashion photo sessions.  I asked her to create a dress for me for the wedding.  She came to the shop with her fabrics and Alexis, Laura and I chose some fabric and voila! a dress is created.  Have to tell you, I felt like Cinderella.  Imagine the scene where all of the critters are making her dress for the ball.  In my case it was Olia, Tamara (her seamstress), Alexis and Laura.  I just stood while beauty was made.  Ok, I got to hold the mirror due to a lack of birds.

Lucinda checking out the back of the bodice.

Olia gathering her pins after pinning me into the bodice of my mother of the bride dress.

This was a fairly painless way to get a dress.  Certainly less painful than running from store to store and not finding anything great or even good. Laura created this necklace for me to wear with this gown.  Then Olia adjusted the neckline to compliment the necklace.  How cool is that?  This was definitely and Adornments wedding!  I was soooo adorned.  Wait until you see the finished ensemble!  Thank you Olia and Laura for making me feel beautiful.

Laura's necklace and Olia's dress

Laura's necklace and Olia's dress


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