Completion of Lucinda’s Quest

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      Actually the quest was completed a week before Laura’s wedding when ‘The Dress’ was delivered by Olia Zavozina.  It’s gorgeous!  Of course, there was no point in posting all of this until you could see for yourselves my final choice.  The dress was perfect.  I received rave reviews from family and friends.  I felt good and both Laura and I were happy with my final look.  Enough talk you say…..I agree.  Here are the pictures taken at the big event.  In case you don’t recognise me, I’m the lady in dark silver.

Laura and Jim with her family

     Olia even made a shawl for me  for a little bit of coverage to deal with the evening chill.  Of course  it was cold and rainy that night.  We didn’t care.  Good food, good music and lots of good company.  What could be better?  Oh, you’ve got to see the necklace Laura made for me.  Isn’t it gorgeous? Lucinda's Mother of the Bride necklace       You know you’ve done well when you get a note like this one on your gift.

Gift box for my necklace      And yes, I was teary eyed when I read this….so I think the blurred edges are appropriate.  Thank you so much Zach and Jody Gray for all of the beautiful photographs.


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