Holiday Sale

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Holiday Sale!

Adornments is having a Holiday this week on Friday and Saturday! It’s just our way of helping you find gifts for all of your loved ones


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Last Days of Summer Sale: 40% Off all Summer Fashions by Olia Zavozina!

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This is a limited time opportunity to get some of Olia’s custom designer clothing at a great price! From now through November 30, receive 40% off all of her in store summer fashions, only at Adornments!

White Tunic

Olia Zavozina is a Russian born fashionista who started her journey by leaving her hometown at the age of 18. Olia has been traveling and exploring the world of fashion ever since. With multiple degrees in world economics, an MBA in business administration, biblical ethics and religion she could not let her passion for fashion go. Olia started her own label at the age of 20.

Designing beautiful garments that show your personality though design, color and texture is a passion of Olia’s. Her goal is to build a relationship with a customer that is much more than just a sale. The foundation of Olia’s line is based on the concept that quality goods and excellent service will yield both rewarding careers and financial success.

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New Store- New websites!

August 29, 2009 at 4:56 PM (1)

Calling all website enthusiasts!  Adornments has built two new websites to showcase out gallery store as well as our wedding services- please check them out and let us know what you think!


 Weddings by Adornments:

Please leave your comments here on the blog or on our new nifty comment leaver:

Thank you for helping us make our websites awesome!

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And we’re finally open!!

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Lest you start to think that we’ve abandoned you all or succumbed to laziness due to our recent lack of postage…let me reassure you that we have not forgotten our loyal blog followers!! We’ve merely been trapped under heavy piles of lumber behind buckets of paint.. But we’re finally free again!!! So we invite you to view our journey from upstairs at the Factory at Franklin to our shiny, new location just off the commons area- DOWNSTAIRS (yes, still at the Factory)!! 

So, just in case you for some unknown reason were unable to visit us previously, this is what the shop used to look like..

Our old store upstairs at the Factory at Franklin

Our old store upstairs at the Factory at Franklin

And this is what the new space looked like before its magical transformation into Adornments-land.
The new space!
Of course, this just wouldn’t do!  It all had to go! 🙂
Women at Work!

Women at Work!

Nothing says construction like a girl posing with a ladder in front of a shop covered in brown paper.
Laura painting our cityscape

Laura painting our cityscape

The first thing to go- the black wall!
The painting crew!

The painting crew!

Thankfully our families were willing to chip in to help us out!! Thanks everyone!!!
So, finally, after much painting, constructing, organizing, etc… Voila!
Our new gallery!

Our new gallery!

We are now open for business! Please stop by and visit us at the Factory!


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Adornments is moving… downstairs!

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That’s right- Adornments gallery is moving downstairs in the Factory at Franklin in August- so we should be that much more easy to find!  We will be just off the common area next to Constant Craving (yes, we will now smell tasty food all day long… ahhh so good…)!

We're moving!

We're moving!

Look out for updates as we track the process of designing and decorating our new space!

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Cati’s wedding

May 16, 2009 at 8:34 PM (1)

The invitatins are out, the cermony is planned, the reception is down to last minute shopping. Cati’s big day is right around the corner. She was thrilled with the way her invitations turned out, she looks gorgeous in the dress she chose. Her family is all coming and she graduated from school. How much better could it be? Here’s a picture of the sample I made for her invitation. Tsunami_thumb
Laura drew this wonderful monogram for them using the last name initials…yes both names start with ‘B’ so no new initials needed.CatiMonogram
And here’s the happy couple. Cati and TomCati & Tom

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