Completion of Lucinda’s Quest

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      Actually the quest was completed a week before Laura’s wedding when ‘The Dress’ was delivered by Olia Zavozina.  It’s gorgeous!  Of course, there was no point in posting all of this until you could see for yourselves my final choice.  The dress was perfect.  I received rave reviews from family and friends.  I felt good and both Laura and I were happy with my final look.  Enough talk you say…..I agree.  Here are the pictures taken at the big event.  In case you don’t recognise me, I’m the lady in dark silver.

Laura and Jim with her family

     Olia even made a shawl for me  for a little bit of coverage to deal with the evening chill.  Of course  it was cold and rainy that night.  We didn’t care.  Good food, good music and lots of good company.  What could be better?  Oh, you’ve got to see the necklace Laura made for me.  Isn’t it gorgeous? Lucinda's Mother of the Bride necklace       You know you’ve done well when you get a note like this one on your gift.

Gift box for my necklace      And yes, I was teary eyed when I read this….so I think the blurred edges are appropriate.  Thank you so much Zach and Jody Gray for all of the beautiful photographs.


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The newest member of the Adornments Family!

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Taglines like that usually mean that we have a new artist, but that has yet to be determined with our latest addition.  Given her lineage, it’s pretty much guaranteed that she will be, but what will her medium be?  I am, of course, referring to newborn daughter of artist/owner Alexis Anbari and her artist husband Abdul!

Please join us in welcoming the new reigning Champion of Cuteness: Soraya Ellen Anbari!

Baby Anbari

Soraya headed home from the hospital

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The Pictures Are In! Check out images from Laura’s Wedding!

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October 4, 2009 Adornments’ own Laura Lempke married Nashville native James Dugger.

The Adornments team really went all out for the occasion producing announcements, invitations, and jewelry as well as calling on guest artists Charlie Thompson and Olia Zavozina for more!  As you can see from the images, courtesy of Gray Photography, the results were well worth the effort of all the amazing contributing artists!

The Adornments Ladies: Alexis, Laura & Lucinda

The Adornments Ladies: Alexis, Laura & Lucinda

Check it out!  All of us wearing Adornments original jewelry and Lucinda rocking an original Olia Zavozina gown!  Gorgeous!

Mother of the Bride Necklace by Adornments artist/owner Laura Dugger

Mother of the Bride Necklace by Adornments artist/owner Laura Dugger

Close up of the Mother of the Bride necklace by Laura Dugger

Wedding Invitation with Wedding Rings

Wedding Invitation with Wedding Rings handmade invitations by Adornments' own Lucinda Harshey!

Exquisite handmade invitations by Adornments’ own Lucinda Harshey!

Titanium, wood inlay wedding rings

Titanium & Wood Inlay Wedding Bands by Adornments artist Charlie Thompson

Custom wood-inlaid titanium wedding bands by Charlie Thomspon- Hurray for coordinating wedding bands with the wedding colors!

Program by Adornments

Ceremony Program by Adornments artist/owner Lucinda Harshey

Yes…we did the programs too…We couldn’t help ourselves!

Bride & Bridesmaids

Bride & Bridesmaids

Bride and Bridesmaids

Silly Bride- good Bridesmaids!

Bride and Groom

Bride & Groom: Jewelry by Adornments Picture by Gray Photography

Silver Bridal Necklace featuring hand-cut silver feather, white topaz and garnets by Adornments artist/owner Laura Dugger

Feather Bridal Necklace by Adornments artist/owner Laura Dugger

Close up of the Bridal Necklace

Adornments Silver & Garnet headband

Silver & Garnet Headband by Alexis Anbari

Close up of the headband!

Silver and resin feather groom's cuff links

Feather Groom's Cuff Links

Lest you think that Jim was left out of the Adornments magic- check out those custom cuff links!  Here’s a close up!

Silver Feather Groom's Cuff LInks

Silver Feather Groom's Cuff Links by Adornments artist/owner Laura Dugger

Leaving the Reception with Bubbles

Leaving the Reception with Bubbles!

We had a marvelous time and we all, of course, looked fabulous!  A truly special, custom wedding with all the Adornments touches!

Thank you Gray Photography for the beautiful pictures!

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Holiday Sale

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Holiday Sale!

Adornments is having a Holiday this week on Friday and Saturday! It’s just our way of helping you find gifts for all of your loved ones

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Introducing Debra Tufford! God’s World Photography

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       For most photographers, taking a beautiful image is the accomplishment of their art.  Debra sees things a little differently and it surely makes her work unique.  Her art is also an inspirational message.  She finds a beautiful spot in nature, takes her shot and then she finds the perfect quotation to hand calligraphy on the matte. Saying that makes it sound easy and anyone who has ever tried to snap a photo knows there is much more to photography than that.  To combine the photography with the perfect inspirational quote and then to hand calligraphy that message on the matte makes her work unique and very special.

'Consider The Lillies'

Her photo with it’s inspirational matte is framed in a georgeous custom made hardwood frame, courtesyof her husband.  These frames are beautifully put together.  Got to love a man with skills!

'Living Water'

Come see more of Debra’s beautiful work in our shop at the Factory at Franklin, TN   

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Fall & Winter at Adornments- A Fashion Must!

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Fall has always been my favorite season- the best clothes, beautiful weather and lots of color!  This year is no exception!  Despite the rain, fall looks are coming out in all their colorful splendor and. of course, no look is complete without a trip to Adornments!  Come check out Fall & Winter clothing by Olia Zavozina: rich colors and textures sure to feel good and look great!  Pair that with some of Adornments’ one-of-a-kind jewelry and you’re on your way to having a stunning fall look!

This tunic is beautiful, soft and very comfortable!  A classy look that will keep you feeling cozy all winter long!


Brown Tunic with sash

Olia original Brown Tunic with sash & Adornments original "Mantis" pendant



Brown Tunic with sash

Olia original Brown Tunic with Sash & Adornments original "Mantis" pendant


Rich, beautiful color, luscious texture and a fun, funky cut make this jacket a must for this winter!

Olia Zavozina original jacket & Adornments original sterling silver earrings

Olia Zavozina original jacket & Adornments original sterling silver earrings


Olia Zavozina original jacket & Adornments original sterling silver earrings

Olia Zavozina original jacket & Adornments original sterling silver earrings



Not ready for Winter yet?  Get a jump on next year with on sale spring/summer lines by Olia Zavozina- paired with Adornments’ jewelry for a timelessly classic look sure to please on those last few warm summer-like days and give you something to look forward to for next spring!- a fashion must!

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Last Days of Summer Sale: 40% Off all Summer Fashions by Olia Zavozina!

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This is a limited time opportunity to get some of Olia’s custom designer clothing at a great price! From now through November 30, receive 40% off all of her in store summer fashions, only at Adornments!

White Tunic

Olia Zavozina is a Russian born fashionista who started her journey by leaving her hometown at the age of 18. Olia has been traveling and exploring the world of fashion ever since. With multiple degrees in world economics, an MBA in business administration, biblical ethics and religion she could not let her passion for fashion go. Olia started her own label at the age of 20.

Designing beautiful garments that show your personality though design, color and texture is a passion of Olia’s. Her goal is to build a relationship with a customer that is much more than just a sale. The foundation of Olia’s line is based on the concept that quality goods and excellent service will yield both rewarding careers and financial success.

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New Artist: Craig McDonald!

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Craig McDonald is a self-taught artist, born and raised in Nashville.  He works mainly in steel and stainless steel, often incorporating other materials such as marble, wood, stone, and fabrics into his work.  Much of his art is contemporary or modern in design and ranges along the scope of  functional to purely sculptural.  And without further ado, here’s a sample of his work that’s available at Adornments! Stop by and check them out!!

Melt - steel   29x30x20"

Melt - steel 29x30x20"

This piece is very fun- can be placed on a table or on the floor or can even be mounted on the wall!



Warp - steel 14x9x12- Sorry! Can't have this one! It has already sold! 🙂

Fun from every angle, this sculpture adds a special touch to any room- looks gorgeous by a fireplace!

Offset Table

Offset Table - steel/marble/glass 26x32x48"

Very modern, this table could set the tone for a whole room!  Sturdy and beautiful, this piece is sure to impress.


Zig Zag Wineholder

Zig Zag Wine Holder - steel 24x18x5"

A great gift, this wine holder will give you a place to store your featured wines with properly moistened corks without having to hide them away in a wine cellar!

Made from steel, this wine holder will give you a way to store and display that is sturdy as well as elegant.

Exploded Triangle

Exploded Triangle - steel 14x6.5x8"

Unusual, edgy and fun- this sculpture is perfectly suited to add interest to tight spaces either at home or the office!


Opposition Vase

Opposition Vase - steel 10.5x8x2.5"

Not your average vase, this sleek and modern design can hold some serious flowers or stand on its own!

All these and more are now available at Adornments!  Come get your contemporary and modern furniture, steel sculpture, and home items in time for Christmas!

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Lucinda’s Quest – Revisited

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I have been remiss in posting about my efforts to find the perfect dress for Laura’s wedding.  The wedding has come and gone, I was present and attired in a lovely gown.  Back to the efforts.  After spending hours in fruitless search at the mall (both Cool Springs and Green Hills) as well as online I was was feeling despondent.  Are there no more pretty dresses for women with less than perfect figures?  Frankly, there’s a lot of ugly out there.  Finally inspiration hit.  I have a friend who is a fashion designer here in Tennessee, Olia Zavozina.  We’ve done trunk shows for her in our shop and supplied our jewelry for her fashion photo sessions.  I asked her to create a dress for me for the wedding.  She came to the shop with her fabrics and Alexis, Laura and I chose some fabric and voila! a dress is created.  Have to tell you, I felt like Cinderella.  Imagine the scene where all of the critters are making her dress for the ball.  In my case it was Olia, Tamara (her seamstress), Alexis and Laura.  I just stood while beauty was made.  Ok, I got to hold the mirror due to a lack of birds.

Lucinda checking out the back of the bodice.

Olia gathering her pins after pinning me into the bodice of my mother of the bride dress.

This was a fairly painless way to get a dress.  Certainly less painful than running from store to store and not finding anything great or even good. Laura created this necklace for me to wear with this gown.  Then Olia adjusted the neckline to compliment the necklace.  How cool is that?  This was definitely and Adornments wedding!  I was soooo adorned.  Wait until you see the finished ensemble!  Thank you Olia and Laura for making me feel beautiful.

Laura's necklace and Olia's dress

Laura's necklace and Olia's dress

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Adornments Creates Jewelry for Adoption Benefit!

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Adornments recently donated custom jewelry created with adoption in mind for auction at An Orphan’s Ticket Home adoption benefit.  All proceeds from the auction went towards helping families with the costs of adopting overseas orphans.

It was a lovely event coordinated by Courtney Hammons from “A Magical Affair” with live music by Sparrow Recording Artist, Britt Nicole,  and guest speaker and author of Fields of the Fatherless and Red Letters, Tom Davis.

Adornments donated two original pieces for this benefit:

A pendant entitled “Family” featuring a Copper and Silver parent figures embracing a 14k yellow gold child figure adorned with a ruby as well as a blue handbag entitled “It Takes A Village…” featuring Copper and Brass adult figures celebrating the first steps of a Silver child.

Here are some in progress shots of the pendant!

We started with a concept drawing. The red indicates the various layers of metal we plan to use.

We started with a concept drawing. The red indicates the various layers of metal we plan to use.

First step after drawing is cutting out the metal layers.

Silver & copper layers ready to be cut.

Silver & copper layers ready to be cut.

This is what the pieces look like just after sawing them out.. Are you scared yet?? 🙂

Silver & copper layers cutAfter the pieces are all cut out, we domed them slightly and then set them up to be soldered together.

Yikes! Fire!!

Yikes! Fire!!

This is the pendant just after soldering all the pieces together (well, ok, we cleaned it up a bit with sandpaper too). Ready to be polished!

Soldered "Family" pendant

Soldered "Family" pendant

Haha! Safety first!! I love what that mask does to my ear!

Suiting up to polish!

Suiting up to polish!



And, finally! The finished piece!



We were honored to be asked to participate in this event and had a great time at the Gala! For more information on an Orphan’s Ticket Home and how to get involved with this program, please visit And on a final note, we leave you with this… love it when they have photo booths at events!

The Adornments ladies at the Gala!

The Adornments ladies at the Gala

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